Check this page to look for my sample images and occasional links to other sites where great examples of what the X10 can do in experience hands can be found.  There's obviously a multitude of sample images that may be found simply by checking out places like the DP Review forum, or photosharing sites like Flickr.  So on this page, I'm only going to post links to images and galleries elsewhere that really stand out from the crowd.

First try with an external flash:

A couple of recent shots taken using the non-dedicated Metz 20 C2 flash - a nice compact unit with a bounce facility which works fine if you're not bothered about TTL metering - or if you don't want to spend the money to buy the Fuji units.  It seems to work fine, and balances well on the X10.  First shots last night:


 I've not yet tried the built-in flash, but need to give it a go sometime soon....

It's all about the colour...

One thing that quickly becomes clear when using the X10 is that colour from the camera is superb - rivalling the Olympus E-1 which really sets the standard for me in this area.  I'm really liking the results in the standard film setting - here are a couple from this morning's dog-walk:

Some end of the week therapy!

After a lonnnggg day at work, a bit of fun with the camera was in order and I thought I'd give the 6MP M size images a go.  These two all shot in one of my saved custom modes, with Auto ISO 1600 and 100% dynamic range.... which I'm thinking means that they are using the pixel-pairing SN mode that you would get with the EXR sensor.  The first is ISO1000 and the second ISO1600 - processing has added noise deliberately with the latter.  Nothing super-special but I'm quite happy with them:

Check out this link for some great images at the Digital Outback Photographer site:

Some of the first X10 samples that stood out for me have been those made by Uwe Steinmueller, who runs the Digital Outback Photographer site.  Check out the link below to see some of his test images from a field test with a borrowed X10 (and using the SmugMug menu, you can get at key bits of the EXIF data too):

Digital Outback Photographer field test photos

Day one - and a few of my first shots

A busy day, but I've had the chance to fiddle with the X10 between other more important stuff.  So far, I'm impressed.  Colours are rich and attractive without being too over-saturated.  And noise even without heading to EXR modes seems very well-handled compared to any compact I've used before.  In the 12MP mode, with JPEG noise reduction set to medium low, I think the images are acceptable at least up to ISO800 and possibly beyond (ISO1600 would be OK or smaller print sizes, and would probably still make a great 10" x 8").  My initial impression is that noise is comparable to the first generation of micro four thirds cameras - and if that is borne out in reality, it's really quite an achievement.  Here is a sample of my very first shots - nothing spectacular, but I'm pleased with what I'm seeing.  If you click on them, you should see them at a larger size:

The last image, by the way, was taken at ISO400 and even when viewed at 100% provides a pretty decent compromise of detail and noise - better than any other compact I've used.

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