Saturday, 28 January 2012

Fun with Topaz B&W effects

For a while now, I've been amazed at what people can do with Nik Silver Effects, but for my purposes I'm afraid the price is a little high.  So after a search around the web, I found out that Topaz produce a more affordable converter - which has the advantage of being able to work as a plug-in within Lightroom too.  I donwloaded the free trial version today and suspect I'm going to enjoy playing with it.

Actually, I haven't as yet used it to produce any true black and white shots - because I discovered the fun to be had in playing with the transparency slider!  Here are my first three attempts:

I've also noticed that Topaz now have a "star effects" software (currently on offer at less than $20), and that's got me it a possible semi-fix for the dreaded X10 orbs, or at least a way of reducing their impact?  I think I may have to shoot some and give it a go...